Acupuncture has shown positive results in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments, Old Court Acupuncture specialises in Facial Enhancement, treating lower back pain, helping to manage the menopause and many other conditions…

In addition to acupuncture we offer other forms of treatment which can help you.


Gua Sha

Gua Sha (Gwar Shar) is an East Asian healing technique. Gua means to scrape or rub. Sha is a ‘reddish, elevated, millet-like skin rash’ (aka petechiae). Sha is the term used to describe Blood stasis in the subcutaneous tissue before and after it is raised as petechiae. Gua Sha is one technique that intentionally raises Sha rash or petechiae. Gua Sha is used whenever a patient has pain whether associated with an acute or chronic disorder. There may be aching, tenderness and/or a knotty feeling in the muscles.


Tui Na


Tui Na (twee nar) massage is one of the healing art of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tui means push and na means grasp, and as practised in China, Tui Na can be used to help conditions that in the west would require the help of Chiropractors, Osteopaths or Sports Therapists. Tui na not only works on the muscles and joints, but also at a deeper level affecting the flow of Qi around the body.





Cupping has been used as a therapy in China for many thousands of years, in fact the earliest record was found written in a silk book discovered in a tomb of the Han Dynasty. Cupping can help in many conditions including pain, digestive problems, circulatory problems, respiratory problems and skin conditions, hypertension and common colds.



Hopi Ear Candle Treatment


Hopi Ear Candles are a natural but ancient form of therapy, seen in civilisations as far afield as Asia, the Siberian prairies and most notably, the North American Indians. The oldest tribe of the Pueblo people give their name to the HOPI ear candles. This treatment is used for excessive ear wax, Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis.




Consultation and First treatment (90 – 120 mins) £40
Follow up treatments (90mins) £35


Pre Paid ‘Buy 5 get one free £175

Smoking Cessation

Course of 5 treatments £150


Facial Enchancement Acupunture

Course of 10 treatments £330
Follow up treatments £33
Dermal rolling (3 treatments) £300



Hopi Ear Candling

Hopi Ear candle treatment (up to 60 mins) £18

Tui Na Massage

Neck and Shoulders £25
Back and Legs £25


Book 5 treatments Get one free