Back Pain

A testimonial from a back pain sufferer, ”I fell and damaged the base of my spine 30 odd years ago, and have suffered severe back pain since. I have taken anti-inflammatories and pain killers in various doses over the years. Then my husband was chatting to a colleague, and he was saying he had had acupuncture for his painful back, so I decided to try acupuncture, mainly as a last resort, as what had I got to lose? After a few visits to Peter, I found my back was a lot less painful, also probably due to his expertise and professionalism, and in so calming and relaxing atmosphere. I now go every 4-6 weeks for a ‘Top-up’ as I don’t want to be in all that pain again.”  Julia Philpott

”Peter is an excellent acupuncturist and his treatments really do work. Anyone with a back problem or who is really stressed would definitely benefit from a course of treatments from Peter. In fact whatever your ailment give acupuncture a go! it really does work and Peter is lovely, putting you at ease straight away….” Julie Taylor


“When Peter asked for a recommendation I was more than happy to oblige. The service that he offers is professional, affordable and effective. I have suffered with chronic back pain and headaches for a long time, and to be honest I was a sceptic, and to cap it all I am needle-phobic. After just six sessions I experienced a dramatic decrease in pain and my general health improved – for the first time in ages I had a clear head and some energy. I can not recommend Peter highly enough.” Mike Martin



“Having had Acupuncture treatment, the pain in my lower back has improved significantly. I would recommend Acupuncture to anyone with low back pain.”J.K. Gilberdyke


“Peter is very knowledgeable and professional, he gives you confidence in the procedures he is carrying out and you leave feeling relaxed and regenerated after the treatment. I would recommend anyone to try acupuncture to help with stress or skin complaints which are often brought on by stress.” Sheena Chapman

Fertility issues

“I had been trying to get pregnant for 18 months before I was recommended to try acupuncture with Peter. After the first set of treatments I was pregnant. The second set of treatments Peter helped me managed the side effects of giving up smoking! It’s safe to say my life has completely changed since meeting Peter! Thank you.” Kay Burge




“I have had many acupuncture treatments with Peter since we studied together, although in different cohorts, at the University of Lincoln. He is a most kind, caring and understanding practitioner with a wicked sense of humour. He kept me sane throughout my years of study and now that I am a practitioner myself, he keeps me in tune and perfectly balanced.” Sandra Bird


“I have suffered from ME for a number of years, partially caused by a learned stress response from my previous life. Peter has been treating me for this with a lot of success. He is a warm and friendly man who makes you feel very much at ease.”  Libby B.     Tealby


Hay Fever

” I’ve only been to peter twice as i have a huge fear of needles, hes fantastic, patient and will only proceed when i am ready,i cant fault him both times i have been i have come out feeling so much better, once with hay fever and once with a bad back, would recommend him to anyone even with a phobia of needles his knowledge and patience really does reassure you!!!.” Jayde C.


”I have used acupuncture and Peter for years now. My daughter was in a lot of discomfort with hay fever today, we contacted Peter and he was able to fit her in immediately on a weekend, she has just arrived home feeling 100% better. Thank you yet again.”  Sheena C.